Speaking Engagements

Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman at GHBC

Freeman Spogli Institute | Ambassador Michael McFaul

Here, Right Matters: A Book Talk with Alexander Vindman

Texas Tribune Festival 2021 | Ravi Gupta and Jason Kander

Watch Alexander Vindman talk about his military service, former President Donald Trump and more at The Texas Tribune Festival

The Common Good

Alexander Vindman: Here, Right Matters

Press Freedom Defense Fund | James Risen

When Right Matters in Government: A Conversation With Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

Renew America Movement | Miles Taylor and Mary Anna Mancuso

RAM Chat with Lt. Col. (ret.) Alexander Vindman

One Decision | Michelle Kosinski

When the Military Can’t Handle the Truth

Jews United for Democracy & Justice

America at a Crossroads | Lt. Col. (Ret.) Alex Vindman with Patt Morrison

Politics and Prose

LtC Alexander Vindman — Here, Right Matters

HarperCollins CrowdCast | Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alexander Vindman, and Bianna Golodryga

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alexander Vindman Discuss “Here, Right Matters”